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Sai Kishore
Sai Kishore
Managing Partner

Sai Kishore is the Founder and Managing Partner at Synvest Capital. A seasoned executive, Sai has more than 15 years of experience helping business succeed in the US, UK and Singapore. He has served on numerous advisory boards and has guided many businesses from concept all the way to IPO. A trained accountant, Sai holds the CPA, CMA designations, in addition to being an SBA-certified business planner.

David Huff
David Huff

David Huff is a Partner at Synvest Capital. A seasoned executive with a background in business strategy, David has more than 20 years of experience in business planning. David has been an advisor to many Fortune 1000 companies and previously led the investment division of a venture capital firm, managing more than $120 billion of assets. An analytical problem solver, David is passionate about helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses succeed.

Photo Satish Sarangarajan, Marketing and Communications Lead, Synvest Capital
Satish Sarangarajan
Marketing & Communications Lead

Satish is a communications pro with a background in finance and technology. In this role, Satish oversees client communications, manages digital marketing in addition to managing partner relationships for Synvest Capital. Satish brings to the role sparkling writing skills, boundless energy and a passion for marketing. A strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, Satish also mentors immigrants, helping them integrate into the society.

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