Term Sheet 101: How to negotiate a term sheet

Term sheets usually sound more complicated than they really are. In other articles on our blog, we have touched upon the various terms used in a term sheet. Many entrepreneurs often ask me strategies on how to negotiate a term sheet. In this article on term sheets, we are going to see exactly that – […]

Founder Vesting: What is an 83(b) Election?

In this article we are going to look at something that a lot of startup founders and business owners fail to understand – the 83(b) election. The 83(b) elections come into play when someone is given stock, a share in an LLC or a type of equity that is vested over time. What is founder […]

Startups 101: What is founder vesting and how does it work?

What is founder vesting? Vesting of founder shares is one of the most critical and sensitive topics in a startup. If you have a startup that has more than one co-founder, then you must have a vesting agreement in place. When you raise capital from investors, one of the most important things that investors look […]

The best time to start a business

By Sai Kishore I hear it all the time “this is the worst time to start a business”. And I couldn’t disagree more. Sure, there’s no such thing as the best time to start a business, but given the mouth-watering opportunities the current recession is serving up, this feels like a pretty good time. The […]

What do you do when your existing business needs a new business plan

When we look at the economic impact of the pandemic we see a tale of two halves. Some businesses have closed for good, many are working overtime to adapt and stay relevant to their customers. Businesses are having to implement sharp pivots, retooling services, altering revenue models almost overnight. And all this when the revenue […]

A Comprehensive Guide to SBA 7(a) Loan

Managing and operating a small-sized business can be quite a task, particularly when times are uncertain and when the organization experiences revenue loss. This is precisely where an SBA or Small Business Administration loan can come handy. An SBA 7(a) loan is helpful for businesses that intend to get back on track.  

How to write a successful food truck business plan

A food truck business plan is essential as it eliminates any guesswork that may come with the establishment of a new business. Even a seasoned entrepreneur cannot start up a food truck business without this essential document.  Having a food truck business plan not only provides guidance, but it will also help convince investors to […]

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